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Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions

Solutions utilizing Hyperledger Fabric & Ethereum

Smart Contracts

Empower your Bills of Lading to immediately begin the payment process with our smart contract library.


From Web and Mobile Applications to Distributed Applications (dAPPs). Choose from our in-house developed solutions, open source solutions or use your own proprietary solution.

Oracles & APIs

Bring off-chain data on-chain with our Oracles Service. All Services have built-in Data Attestation.

Document Management

Both Physical and Digital Authenticity protections available for your documents. Have your documents tied to different language translations or to a smart contract.


Fighting Counterfeit goods and diversion for high value shipments



Supplier establishes permissions for business partners (distributors, 3PLs, etc) using Visual SmartContracts, it also provides document management so that bills of lading, certificates of invoice, customs paperwork and more can be accessed via scanning the barcode.


Logistics solution

With permissions set, a truck driver scans the barcode of the shipment paperwork through our mobile application. Through our data anchoring nodes (chainpoint) we create an anchoring event creating a record that includes meta data such as IMEI, GPS Coordinates, etc.



The acceptance of the goods at the distribution point also triggers an event that is anchored to the bitcoin and ethereum blockchain. Our XONS protocol displays all the relevant proofs in a easy to understand way for consumers along with additional customer engagement such as chatbots.

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Event-Based Triggers drive our process

  • Scanning of Barcodes (1D/2D)
  • GPS-Based Fencing
  • RFID/Proximity Sensors
  • Weight Stations, and more

The record is immutable, public, and trust-less. Blockchain fits perfectly into the needs of dispute resolution for shippers and truckers.

Microservice-based Architecture

Our network is designed and built with scalability and reliability in mind, which is why we
implemented a microservice architecture for deployments. Each service is compromised
of light-weight, independent self-contained business units which communicate with each
other using well defined APIs with independent tech-stacks for each use case.

Service Mesh Plane

Service Mesh enables our microservices deployment to retain a fault-tolerant, high visibility and control in a complex multi-modal network. This is to ensure reliable, secure and timely communication between different services spanning different data centers. Service mesh exists at the application layer and consit of routing, delivery, and other tasks. The goal is to have a "child" attached to the "parent" application to complement the parent by providing platform features such as load balancing, in-depth monitoring, resiliency and access control.

Fully Encrypted Network Infrastructure

Business dealings are encrypted and cannot be disclosed to even us.

Legal Compliance for your business is a top priority for us, which is why we have designed our network for businesses from the ground up

  1. Data Retention Policies
  2. Geographic-based Network
  3. PCI DSS Compliant Hosting
  4. Custom Branding Login Page
  5. Automated Load-Balancing

These are just some of the features our network and infrastructure have been designed with and have been implemented. Do you have special data attestation requirements or specific use-cases for your business? We can handle that. Reach out to our team to find out more information today.

Data Analytics and Machine-Learning Ready

Drive your businesses revenue with our powerful SDK or plug-and-play Analytics/ML packages

Gain greater insight into your business processes to find growth opportunities with our Business Intelligence plug-ins. Our network supports a new paradigm in supply chain management: self-assembling supply chains. With our network your supply chain can be automated to meet demand in real time, ensuring you never miss out on new revenue 24/7.

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