Enterprise Ready Solutions

Permission-based & confidential deployments

High-Throughput, Scalable & Secure.

Enable confidentiality and scalability in your business environment.

Production Ready Business Network

Custom Deployments

Need a Proof of Concept or a Customized Solution? We can do that.

Private Deployments

Using our Hyperledger Fabric deployment or our Sawtooth network

Public Deployment Integration

We utilize the Bitcoin and Ethereum Public Blockchain for unique business case solutions

Blockchain Enabled Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications can integrate with any blockchain deployment you need to use.

Mobile OS Agnostic - Secured & Audited by an independent 3rd party firm

All Enterprise Mobile Applications are independently verified and audited to prevent malicious entry and abuse of the system.

IoT 2.0 Integration

From Notifications to Automatic Payments our integrations let you plug-and-play existing IoT systems for expanded capability.

Machine to Machine Payments

Our partner QLink enables frictionless cellular mesh-networks to enable your IoT device to switch to the strongest available data single to ensure data connectivity even in the most rural areas. Infrastructure such as theirs is crucial for IoT devices.

Pluggable Settlement Layer

Use whatever financial settlement layer you would like: From ACH and SWIFT to Bitcoin. We don't handle payments or force you to use any one provider.

Foreign Currency Support including EUR, GBP, and JPY.

International Business Remittance can be difficult which is why our non-bearer unit of account system helps you keep track of payments made and payments owed.


24/7 Rapid Response

We are here for you 24 hours a day.


Whitelabel Solutions

Our software packages are available as a whitelabel solution for your own corporate branding.


U.S.A Based

Our entire development team and corporate headquarters are based in the United States.

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