Roadmap & Development

We are commited to producing releases on a 6-8 week development cycle.

hourglass_full APRIL

Updated White Paper
White Paper update to reflect changes

Provisional Testing (Masternodes)
UX Research and DApp testing

Content and Growth Strategy Formalized
Hiring of first employee dedicated to Growth

Restructure entire backend

Business processes revamped

Corporate Advisory Board

Recruitment of Industry Leaders for Corporate Guidance and Mentorship

hourglass_empty MAY

Larger Pilot Study
Second Pilot Study with larger fleet to commence

Consensus 18

Conference, May 14th-16th

ETH Memphis (Lead Sponsor)
Hackathon, Event, May 18th-20th

Transparency 18
Conference, May 20-22nd

Open DApp Beta

Partnership Announcements

hourglass_empty JUNE

Test Network for Main Blockchain
Masternode and Corporate Nodes connected, Stress Testing and further refinement

Security Audits
Penetration testing and In-Depth Code Review

Certification Process Begins
FIPS-200 and ISO Certification for selected applications