With our XONS Protocol we can enable your existing barcodes to have further connectivity

Work with any standardized serialized format

Our XONS Protocol works with any standardized serial format: from VIN Numbers to 1D GS1 Barcodes


Customer Engagement

XONS loads a web-page in which you can enable a chatbot or other interactive features to actually communicate with your customers at the point of interaction.


Greater Revenue

Creating engagement at the point of interaction leads to more satisfied customers. Customers are much more likely to purchase from a company that they can talk to right then and there.


Greater Connectivity

Through XONS you can now connect your barcodes to any system: From Traditional Services to Blockchain-based Systems

Connect your existing Barcodes to the biggest database in the world: Domain Names

XONS is based off an IETF Standard called Dynamic Delegation Discovery: It turns any barcode with a standard format into a domain name. Our white label solution can integrate into your existing mobile application or you can use our mobile application to leverage this solution to bring in additional revenue streams and to simplify your tracking and record keeping

Provenance Data & Smart Contracts

Enable your customers to see where their product came from. Did that Wild Caught Salmon really come from Alaska? Our solution also allows granularity: You decide how much information you want to display. From the Point of Origin to the Temperature on the truck to who actually caught the fish you can decide how much data you want to show publicly.

Smart Contracts

Connect physical goods with our library of smart contracts through XONS. Have your goods automatically notify you once they clear customs or whenever they are sold: no need for data pool providers.