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The only 100% Legal Digital Bill of Lading Platform in the world.

Logistics as a Service has never been easier


100% Privacy

Leveraging both symmetric and asymmetric encryption plus fully blinded addressing, transactions can be securely hidden from non-transacting participants, providing confidentiality without sacrificing the benefits of a blockchain. Grant permissions to 3rd parties to audit transactions afterward.


A.I. Enhanced

Document generation is empowered by our FreightTrust A.I. - Never make mistakes when shipping freight, even with Hazardous Material. Our A.I. is so good we back it up with a 100% coverage if there are any mistakes.

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EDI & Legacy Support

Modernize and leverage advanced technology without having to force your customers or clients to also upgrade. We fully support EDI even heavily customized versions.


From Industry Standard Smart Contracts to ELD Integration

Hyperledger Fabric

Our network is based off Fabric, with custom implementations to enable cross-chain communication and a robust network through our masternode program that decentralizes the network without giving up scalability or throughput.

Ethereum Foundation & POA.Network

We support both Ethereum Foundation (Main Network) & POA Network with our distributed applications and smart contracts. Masternodes and Network Participants have their identities anchored to ethereum main-net in order to facilitate our "Proof of Reputation/Identity at Stake" protocol. This enforces good behavior and helps mitigate malicious actors without sacrificing transaction privacy or network scalability.

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Smart Bill of Lading & Bill of Materials

Smart BoL can enforce certain conditions in the shipping contract. Our two styles of Smart Contracts for Bills of Lading and Materials are based on two key concepts.

Trigger Based: Cargo arrives - payment is triggered.
Status Based: Status of Cargo can alert for potential breach of contract. Notification.

Both offer their own practical applications and can be used in tandem.

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ELD Integration means smarter business decisions

Through our on-chain API we can anchor ELD records and have them create a driver profile/passport. Combine this integration with event-based triggers such as GPS location or Bill of Lading integration and we can build a detention dispute documentation to help you resolve detention payouts quicker and easier.

Participate in the Public Layer and we can use the detention payout information to help build our Shipper Profile. The shipper profile calculates a risk score through various metrics, including how often they have had detention payouts, and shows you how likely the shipper will have issues fulfilling their loading/unloading terms based on your shipping criteria. No identifying information is shared on the public layer, so you have ensured 100% data privacy.

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ARY Token

The Block Array Token "ARY" is a digital software license residing on ethereum foundation. In order to access our smart contracts and infrastructure you must purchase the ARY Token. The token is not used to pay for services: possession of the token enables you to use the system. You may use whatever currency for settlement for your business.

Any Settlement Layer may be used: ACH, Wire Transfer, Invoice Factoring, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

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Solutions for Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Our custom suite of solutions target the logistics industry
From Bills of Lading and other shipping documents to ELD daily logs, Data Pooling & Vehicle Titling

Keep a back-up of your ELD Records in a secure and accessible format, provide a trust-less record to support your detention payout claims, & certify your daily logs through our integrated technology stack.


ELD Integration

We connect with 95% of existing ELD solutions on the market through an API that supports over 10 languages including .NET, Java, Go, Node.js, and more.


Freight Relay

Our decentralized order-book enables loadboards from disprate sources to have a common ledger to work off of. Integration with Driver Passport can be enabled at the drivers discretion.



Actionable quantitative and qualitative insights can be drawn from our ELD integration suite. Solutions for vehicle
e-titling & maintence history.


Better Performance

Drivers can now be rewarded for staying compliant by reducing their insurance premiums and companies can retain their good drivers by offering competitive pay

Fully Encrypted Cloud-based Infrastructure

Enterprise Compliant Infrastructure.

From user access control and incident response to network continuity and disaster recoverability, our platform has been designed from the ground up with enterprise compliance in mind.

All Data at-Rest or in-Motion is fully encrypted

Our deployments run on Azure which offers an industry-leading Trusted Computing Environments to ensure complete security from even our administrators on the code that is running. Even Database queries are encrypted from the driver itself.

ISO-27000, FIPS 200 and NIST 800/53 Qualified Blockchain Infrastructure


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